Ryota was born on Aug 1,2014 in Japan. He only weighed 2.45kg (5.4lbs) at birth but he was so powerful baby and growing up with no problems.

At 4 months old, the doctor said he looked a bit anemic, so he advised us to have him checked at the General Hospital.

After going to the St. Luke’s International Hospital and the hospital doctors were sent his specimens to several research institutions and he was finally diagnosed with Pearson’s syndrome.

In the past two years, he was able to attend nursery school, however, he got acidosis, and blood cell phagocytosis was found. As a result, he lost a lot of weight and became very thin, however, he still managed to live happily anyway. After a short time we got check of Ryota's bone marrow examination and the results was while he looks very energetic, but doctor said that his bone marrow could no longer produce blood cells.

So we had make a decision about his transplant. We had to choose bone marrow transplant because he had about six months to live if he didn't transplant.

But no case in Japan. The first to do for us was the we had to looking for transplants information and we got the transplant risks and merits and demerits and judge do that or not.

We spend looking for information about little months. And ,we decided and after that Ryota got transplant and his bone marrow returned to a near-nomal state. The experience was like a long travel for us about live or not , every day thinking only that.

Nevertheless, learning that we are not alone and that there are others around the world who live with the same disease gives us strength. Just knowing that we are all fighting together and can find strength in each other is a comfort that we truly appreciate.