December 24, 2015

This week we celebrated William's 1/2 birthday and tomorrow we will enjoy Christmas (Champmas?). After having a baby diagnosed with PS, I have quickly learned to appreciate every single moment. Sometimes it's a heavy burden--I still need to do the laundry and work and go to the bathroom. He might be mad and cry when I put him down or leave him. But I am conscious about spending and enjoying every moment I can. I snuggle with him during nap time, laugh with him during bath time, celebrate silly holidays (half birthdays?!), and take enough pictures and videos that I need to download them every week.

One of the most challenging aspects of having a child diagnosed with something like PS is the inability to plan or predict the future. That's been a hard for a planner like me (my calendar used to be scheduled to the minute and events were set in stone months and years in advance). But, this inability to plan has forced me to focus on the present and appreciate it. Four months ago, we did not know we'd be celebrating a half birthday and Christmas with a relatively healthy baby. For that, I am so grateful.

Here's to so many more Christmases and half birthdays!