To our donors:

January 10, 2016

Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

Because of you, we have raised over $100,000. Donations have come from all over the world in all sizes. Every time we get a notification from PayPal or make a trip to the mailbox, we are humbled, amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude. We appreciate our online networks—people have shared our story and given virtual hugs and support. People we know peripherally or even not at all have sent well-wishes, donations and encouragement. Jeff and I read every note and comment. This foundation is the only hope we have. Fortunately, with people like you, our hope grows a little bit every day.

While our yearly fundraising goal is $250,000, we believe that $100,000 is enough to start accepting research grants. We are actively working with doctors from the best research institutions to fund the most innovative projects related to Pearson Syndrome and diseases caused by mitochondrial DNA deletions.

Thank you for helping us reach this monumental milestone. We will keep you informed about research and stay tuned for more Champ Foundation events!